CTU Friendly Bible Study series – Jan-Feb 2023 – Judith

(Apocryphal) Book of Judith chapters 8-16

An 8-session series studying how God speaks to us through the lurid tale of the Jewish heroine who takes on the captain of the Asyrians with guts, guile, prayer & song.


Judith with Holofernes' head; her maid behind her. Line engraving by Cristofano Allori (1577–1621).


When:  Tuesdays 1.15 – 2.15 pm, from January 3rd to 21st February 2023

Where: Quaker Meeting House, York Road, Uxbridge


You might like to read the first part (available online here and here) but we’ll recap regularly on the whole narrative, and there should be enough translations available to compare and explore together. Hope to see you there! All are welcome.

Contact: Mike Beranek – chair@churchestogether-uxbridge.com